Safiya U. Noble, Ph.D.

Safiya U. Noble, Ph.D.


Rethinking the Innovation Economy: On #Connected Learning

In case you missed a stellar conversation today, we’ve got the web broadcast and Storify of tweets here. I truly enjoyed being a part of this amazing panel, as we thought through the complexities of the “creative economy” and innovation. This broadcast is the prequel to a forthcoming edited volume by S. Craig Watkins on digital creativity and innovation, and will be a solid collection of works that explore the social, political and ethical dimensions of labor, innovation and creativity. In the talk today, I also discuss the importance of re-imagining digital technologies that do not come at the expense of global warming and environmental disaster. Many thanks to Connected Learning Research Network and the MacArhtur Foundation for this great web series, led by Professor Watkins.

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Webcast: Rethinking the Innovation Economy


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